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Are you on the list?

  • What is thePCBlist™?
    • thePCBlist™ is the world's most comprehensive directory of printed circuit board fabricators, anywhere.
  • Who uses thePCBlist™?
    • Buyers and specifiers of PCBs from OEM's, EMS, design firms, etc., who are searching for PCB fabricators. They can easily access detailed information about your company.
  • Is there a fee to access thePCBlist™?
    • Access to thePCBlist™ is free; there are no fees.
  • Who maintains the list?
    • You maintain your own company listing, and you have the ability to update it at any time; updates become live immediately.
  • What regions are served?
    • thePCBlist™ is a global directory of PCB fabricators and is accessible worldwide, via the Internet.
  • Is there a cost to be listed?
    • Your basic listing is free; however, for a nominal fee, you can upgrade your listing to a Showcase listing.
  • Upgrade to a Showcase listing
    • For less than $84 a month you can have a beautiful Showcase listing. The Showcase is offered on an annual basis for $1,000, payable annually.
  • How will buyers find thePCBlist™?
    • iConnect007 and PCB007 promote thePCBlist™ heavily into industries that buy printed circuit boards through all of their publications. It will also be embedded a resource link on many of their sites.
  • For buyers and specifiers thePCBlist™ is:
    • Free access to the definitive directory of PCB fabricators offering the most comprehensive list from around the world. With easy, intuitive navigation, this is the only source they will need to locate a PCB fabricator.