Frequently Asked Questions

What is The PCB List?
The PCB List is the world's most definitive online, interactive Directory of PCB Fabricators.

How is The PCB List managed?
Companies are responsible for keeping the content of their listing current, including contact information, services, etc. Companies who have not verified their original listing are indicated as such in the list itself.

Who should use The PCB List?
OEMs, EMS, designers, specifiers, and anyone else searching for the most accurate and current listing of PCB fabricators from around the world.

How much does it cost to use The PCB List?
Using the list is free! Just provide us with some basic information and begin your search. Sign up here.

What can I search for on The PCB List?
The Quick Search feature lets you find PCB manufacturers by board type, markets served, region or company name. The Advanced Search feature lets you refine your search to find a PCB manufacturer to fit your exact needs.

How many listings are there?
Over 1750 worldwide at present and growing all the time. Search for a PCB manufacturer here

How is the information kept up to date?
PCB manufacturers are free to input their company information at any time, including updates as needed. There is no "turnaround" or wait time for changes to take effect.

What do the circles mean that appear to the left of a company name?
These indicate how complete that company's listing is. One circle indicates an unverified listing; two circles indicate a verified Basic listing; three or more circles indicate the completeness of a Showcase listing, with videos, photos, brochures and more.

Why do some companies have more complete information than others?
The content is determined by the listed PCB manufacturer. You can request a fabricator provide additional information via their listing.

Some company websites are not in English. What should I do?
Translate using Google Translate. Just type or copy text or the website address into the box and click Translate. This works well unless the text is an image.

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